Development Fistory

Seven years have passed, and in the long river of history, there is a gap like a white horse.

Seven years of ups and downs, but in the history of enterprise growth is very heavy.

In the past seven years, Depu people have written a story about the growth of the enterprise with their wisdom and diligence. With the requirements for sophisticated instruments and equipment, Depu people strive to develop new products with great market competitiveness with excellent technology and rich experience, so as to design products to achieve perfection.

In 2007, we set sail and officially entered the instrument and equipment market.

2011 Withstanding the storm, 12 years was a turning point for the company as the team grew and grew. In this year, due to the rapid increase of instrument companies in the same industry, customers have become more and more stringent in the company's instrument requirements, but Depu people have withstood the pressure, ridden the wind and waves, and stood out among similar products, which also impressed colleagues in the industry.

2013 Standing on the new starting line In 2013, due to the expansion of market demand, Depu has developed to a total of 6 branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, in order to achieve the purpose of better cooperation and communication with customers.

2014 The Depu people are still on the run... In the past 14 years, the business volume of Depu Company has continued to rise, and the company's team has continued to grow, and Depu Shenzhen Company has moved to Gaoxinqi Industrial Park, Bao'an District. Tex people develop their skills every day in order to better meet the different needs of customers and provide the best service. "Cooperation and exchange beyond national boundaries, create a world value brand" We will, as always, regard customers as relatives, integrity-based, service-oriented, through concept innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, to build Depu Instruments into a high-quality manufacturer of analytical and testing instruments.