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  •   Full-automatic X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

IDP6300 is a newly developed full-automatic X-ray fluorescence spectrometer integrating RoHS directive/halogen directive/eight heavy metals directive, is accurate, quick, nondestructive, visual and environment-friendly, adopts the most advanced silicon drift detector (SDD) technology in analyzer industry to shorten test time to 1 second, and adopts German professional technology to realize image linkage control and multi-point continuous test. An electrically developed sample cavity is newly added to better facilitate operation, and an automatic sample platform is newly designed to ensure accurate detection.

Main Performance Advantages:
The result is obtained in one second.
It adopts the most advanced SDD technology in the industry, with the minimum resolution of 125eV.
Advantages: large detection area (25mm2), more information received in unit time, high counting rate, good resolution, higher detection efficiency, stronger detection signal-to-noise ratio and lower detection limit
It adopts the most advanced digital multichannel technology in the industry.
Advantages: effectively improving output efficiency, realizing ultrahigh counting rate, and ensuring that maximum acquisition effective counting rate can reach 1,000Wcps.
It adopts a high-power X-ray tube and an advanced collimating and filtering system.
Advantage: higher excitation efficiency

Optical gate system
Advantages: the sample is replaced without closing high voltage, and test efficiency and test accuracy are improved.
Precise positioning system
Ultrahigh-definition industrial camera and clearer test point display
Multi-point test
2D full-automatic mobile sample platform-can realize image linkage control and multi-point continuous test
Ultra-small sample detection-minimum testable thickness of 0.2mm
8 collimators and 4 filters can be quickly switched and are selected according to different samples.
The minimum thickness of the collimator is 0.2mm, and accurate focusing detection of ultra-small samples can be realized.

Humanized design
Safer: X-ray linkage safety device-an optical gate interacts with a linkage device; and an instrument shell is linked with a high-voltage enable end.
Quicker: multi-point test and capability of testing clicked positions
Appointed preheating: the instrument can start testing periodically according to set time.
Appointed start preheating function: customers can appoint instrument start time, can preheat the instrument, automatically detect and calibrate the instrument state, and also can realize appointed stop, and acousto-optic prompt can be set before stop.