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    Shenzhen Delp Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing. Under Delp, there are two wholly-owned subsidiaries Shenzhen Shengwangda Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Deesev Testing Technology and two holding companies SUNSHINE International Electronics Company Limited and Shenzhen Longgang Wanda Industrial Park at the same time.


    X-ray fluorescence technology combined with the R&D team composed of German technical experts together casts the X-ray fluorescence analysis product that is leading internationally in technology. This product is used for the identification and testing of various types of elements, component analysis and layer thickness testing and analysis.


    We have an R&D team composed of German technical experts to provide technologies and reviews and we can guarantee the design quality;

    We shall never have the complete products produced by a third party;

    All of product parts are imported foreign grade-A brands;

    We have a special quality supervision and testing group composed of design and quality testing personnel to guarantee the manufacturing quality;

    After the completion of manufacturing, we shall have users to conduct initial acceptance to all functional components of the product in our plant and do not have the products delivered unless they are qualified.

    For delivered products, we shall guarantee the supply of spare parts.


    We provide software upgrades free of charge, provide the most effective technical services, promise to make response within 4 hours upon receiving users’ notice on fault, and send specialists to repair and clear troubles on site within 24-72 hours. For users outside the Chinese Mainland, the field response time shall depend on the visa circumstances.

    We offer regular inspection and maintenance every year free of charge.


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With its independent products – spectrometers, chromatographic instruments, and mass spectrometers as the core, Deesev provides customers with complete programs for a variety of laboratory equipment and authoritative third-party testing and certification services.

Deesev makes innovation in high-tech instruments through independent research and development, keeps good partnerships with many famous instrument manufactories at home and abroad and has many years of experience in selling instruments. Furthermore, Deesev has first-class professional scientific research and sales teams, and has numerous professionals to provide high-quality service for you...