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Four years are just like a white pony’s shadow passing quickly in the history

However, four years of rain and wind is rather profound in the history of business growth

In four years, Depu people wrote a story about business growth with their wisdom and diligence. Holding perfect requirements for instruments, Depu people strive to develop highly competitive new products and design perfect products to the hilt relying on their advanced technology and abundant experience.

In 2011, Depu set sail and marched towards the instrument and equipment market formally.

In 2012, Depu withstood the storm. With the development of the team, the year 2012 was a turning point for the company. Due to the rapid increase of instrument companies in number in the industry, customers were increasingly demanding to the company’s instruments. However, Depu people withstood the pressure, worked hard to have their products stand out among the peers and had industry colleagues look at them with new eyes.

In 2013, Depu stood at a new starting line. Due to the expansion of market demands, Depu has developed six branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, so as to achieve better cooperation and communication with the client end.

Depu people are still on the road of running… Depu business amount continues to rise in 2014 and Depu team is expanded constantly, too, so Depu Shenzhen moved to Bao’an Gaoxinqi Industrial Park, making the company’s image far ahead in the industry. Depu people are developing their skills every day, in a bid to meet customers’ different demands better and provide the best service. “Conduct Transnational Cooperation and Exchanges, Create World-class Brands”. We will continue to regard customers as our family members, adhere to integrity oriented, provide considerate service and build Depu into the largest quality manufacturer of analysis and detection instruments through concept innovation, technological innovation and management innovation.