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Our technology originates from the R&D team made up of German technicians, who create internationally leading X-ray fluorescence analysis products. “Conduct Transnational Cooperation and Exchanges, Create World-class Brands”. We will continue to regard customers as our family members, adhere to integrity oriented, provide considerate service and build Depu into the largest quality manufacturer of analysis and detection instruments through concept innovation, technological innovation and management innovation.

1. Play a good role as a bridge of communication with customers. Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, understand customers’ demands and expectations for product performance, price, period and other aspects comprehensively and accurately and spread these demands and expectations to the whole organization.

2. Serve customers well and win customers’ trust with quality, efficient and considerate services. Strengthen guidance on customer demands and build a loyal customer base. Expand overseas market gradually and seek for new growth point of instruments.

3. Lead all employees to work from the users’ perspectives actively; face their deficiencies, be committed to improving product quality and work quality, and promote the excellent performance model with a serious and responsible attitude.

4. Establish common goals and visions, create win-win atmosphere promoting the realization of harmonious development of the enterprise and employees and build a stable fighting team full of passion.

Employees are the most active resources of an enterprise. We will make all-out efforts, coordinate actively, and strive to achieve the improvement of team power on the basis of realizing personal value.